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Kissy Sell Out - Kissy's House Party

Kissy's House Party is a brilliantly eclectic radio show and unlike anything else out there. After a number of years on BBC Radio 1, Kissy has spread his wings to a global audience.

One of the UK’s finest, Kissy Sell Out continues to be a hugely influential name in electronic scenes all over the world.

Whether it’s the highly sought-after DJ edits he manages to thrash out four-at-a-time from the Pioneer CDJ 2000s he has helped develop, or his charming personality and stage presence, there is a level of mischievous determination about Kissy which seems effortless and genuine. It’s this aspect of Kissy’s live shows which often divides audiences into those who dance and those who simply stand and stare, with their camera phones held high, as the young DJ speeds through tune after tune before their eyes.

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